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Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Activity Leader was asked...22 May 2015

How would you deal with problem students?

2 Answers

I responded that positive reinforcement was key. If possible and if the student is goig something distracting and disrespectful, to take the student aside and leveling with them had proven to be rewarding in my experience. I then mentioned that from any of my mentoring experience, acting out stems from a building up of events and emotion---and empathizing with the problematic student is important. Less

I start off the year by making students aware of class rules, consequences and poste them on board and have reward to incentivize good behavior Consequences: 1. verbal warning 2. move away from distraction 3. time out 4. lose priviledge, talk to parent, site supervisor, behavior plan last year one girl was clowning around during a game which was making other students focus on her and not the activity so I had her sit out the rest of the game and told her why. When she rejoined class during new game her behavior improved. There was a new student in the class and I assigned him one seat and he was disrupting other student in that table so I moved him to a new table and told him if he continued I would have to report him to site director. His behavior improved with the new seating Less

Oxford International Education Group

Why would you like to be an Activity Leader?

1 Answers

I like the idea of meeting new people, and taking them around to interesting places. Less

Willamalane Parks & Recreation

How would you ensure the safety of the kids?

1 Answers

I would make sure to do a headcount every 15 minutes. Double check with other staff around to make sure number was the same. Make sure to move around the area to have all areas covered. At pickup making sure to identify guardian and that the guardian is allowed to pick up. Less

EF Education First

They asked me about my previous experiences as Activity Leader

1 Answers

I explained my working history and they seem to like it

EF Education First

When was a time where you handled a tricky situation under pressure?

1 Answers

A tight deadline at university alongside others- I just got my head down and did it. Less

How would you engage the children who are shy or do not speak very good English?

1 Answers

I would get involved in activities myself, try to ask them questions, invite them to group activities, praise them. However, it is important to understand that they do not have to participate in all activities if they do not wish so. Less

Move Language Ahead

If you were organising a karaoke night, and none of the kids wanted to join in, what would you do?

1 Answers

Encourage kids to go up in groups if they didn't want to go alone and also to go up and have a shot myself to show the kids it's fun Less

Adventist Health

Tell me about the time where are you encounter a challenge in the workplace?

1 Answers

No, any challenge

Self Opportunity

Greatest accomplishment at different stages of your working career.

1 Answers

Surviving and being successful in dangerous occupations. Meeting people who have stayed friends over many decades. Less

Ardmore Language Schools

How have I shown I am responsible with young children.

1 Answers

Made reference to my previous work and relevant qualifications

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