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IQ question. There are 25 horses and you want to find the fastest 3. Given that you can only put 5 of them in each race, what is the minimum number of races that you need?

5 Answers


you need 7 races

Answer is 5. Unless the timings of the horses were not known, then the answer is 7.

Suppose you have four people that need to cross a bridge in the night. The bridge can hold the weight of two people at the same time and each person takes 1,2,5,10 minutes. What's the minimum time that they need to cross the bridge?

3 Answers

Face to face interview was strengths based, just research these a little and you should be fine!

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What have you read/seen in the media relating to the insurance industry?

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Why do we use Monte Carlo in industry industry practice?

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Why choose Aon and why u fit the role?

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What would you do if you realised you had made a significant mistake?

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What has happened recently in business that caught your attention?

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You have 9 balls, all are the same weight apart from one that is heavier and a balancing scale, you can only scale the balls twice, how would you find the heaviest ball?

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If u have 6 months off and enough money, what will u do and why?

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