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What cartoon character would you be and why.

5 Answers

Don't know

What possible value can this be to any company, this strikes me as a typical HR text book question and if asked this question my reaction would be why would I want to work for a company who asked something like this

I would be roadrunner as this character adapts to all situations thrown at him/her! "mee mee"

How do you manage your work?

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competency based questions.

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Why do you want to work here

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What do you think you would contribute to the role?

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Why should we hire you?

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Why call me for an interview when you have no plans to follow it through?

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Can you provide at least two references within two days?

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they ranged from how would you deal with an upset patient to an annoyed patient and answering telephone ie how long can you let the phone ring whilst dealing with a patient face to face. also the private and confidential question is a key to getting the role you have to understand how and why they do this.

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The format of the day was planned as follows:- Part 1 - Completion of a case study - The aim of this was to assess the candidate's ability to demonstrate the competencies; 'Managing a Quality Service' and 'Delivering at Pace'. Part 2 - A group exercise assessing your skills in 'Making Effective Decisions' and 'Collaborating and Partnering'. Part 3 - An informal interview to allow you to demonstrate your suitability for the post. (You need to refer to the Civil Service Competency Framework for further assistance). Whilst the assessment centre was planned to last up to 3 hours, candidates who did not meet the level required at the assessment stage did not go through to the next stage and will be unsuccessful this time. It is therefore crucial that you hit the ground running at the assessment centre.

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