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Administrative Assistant Interview Questions


Administrative assistant interview questions shared by candidates

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How do you deal with a difficult customer

1 Answer

By trying to understand their point of view and not taking the time to explain to them how to get the expected result

Have you had any administrative experience before?

1 Answer

Do you have any questions at end of interview .

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here

2 Answers

they ranged from how would you deal with an upset patient to an annoyed patient and answering telephone ie how long can you let the phone ring whilst dealing with a patient face to face. also the private and confidential question is a key to getting the role you have to understand how and why they do this.

1 Answer

What made you apply for the role and what attracted you to it.

1 Answer

What were your duties in your previous role. Where you live and the ease of commut

Scenario Questions.

1 Answer

If a patient enquired about another patient they had befriended over the period of time they had had treatment how would you respond.

1 Answer

Based on my CV - how do you feel your experience will match the job spec

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