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Administrative Interview Questions


Administrative interview questions shared by candidates

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Why do you want to switch from your current job to a customer support role?

3 Answers

I had no clear answer for this, I managed to dodge the bullet, but my reaction was far from satisfying.

Be honest. If you don't know why you did it then you are just going to come across as a floater. If you struggle with this type of question ask yourself this: What are the Con's of my current job / career path? What are the Pro's of my target job / carrer path? Why did I apply for this job? Why did I apply to this company? This structure will clarify things within yourself and hopefully spawn a few branching thoughts. When answering: Be confident of your decision; be prepared for rebuke and counter-questions. These are designed to test your resolve; your thought process and your competence. The real question here is much different - Who am I hiring. Consider this.

Hi and thanks for your comment. I totally agree and I would have been prepared for the question hadn't it been that I was brought in for a interview in a "Linux System Administrator" position, which promptly changed into a "Support Engineer" role. I still wanted the job though.

Have you had any administrative experience before?

1 Answer

Why do you want to work in insurance?

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in the future?

1 Answer

What are the 3 things your former manager / or yourself would like you to improve on?

1 Answer

All questions related to role and fix scenario's plus the importance to SLA's that are in place.

1 Answer

what do you if you have rebooted a system by mistake

1 Answer

Why are you single?

2 Answers

Was happy to quickly progress in my role?

1 Answer

How do you deal with a difficult customer

1 Answer
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