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Competency based

1 Answer

Used the STAR format - Situation, Task, Action, Result.

If you was stuck on an island , what item would you bring with you and why

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How would you responde to a manager giving you their opinion on a case, eg extra info from a personal perspective about a witness.

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delivery at pace, managing a quality service, collaborating and partnering, making effective decisions.

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They asked about what work I was doing now-unemployed btw and then asked what my previous job was and who it was with. You are working on the phones and a customer asks for information you do not know.What do you do? You are working on high priority emails when you line manager asks you to move onto the phones due to the high volume of calls coming in.What do you do?

tell me about a time when you made a difference tell me about a time when you delivered excellent service

When have you looked at difficult information and had to make a decision?

4 Answers

When have you had an issue with a customer, and how did you solve it?

Tell us a time you challenged the way something was done and how this affected others around you

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