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When have you looked at difficult information and had to make a decision?

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I couldn't tell you what I said because I was just a bit surprised at the questions when they knew my job experience so I really had to just come up with something on the spot I am usually really confident in interviews and this is actually the first interview I've not got but I was so thrown a back by the questions as they were just so unrelated to anything. There's a first time for everything I guess but I am more than competent to do that role so its a shame they have lost that due to bad questions. They have competencies they need to make sure you have but there could be such easier ways of asking such as can you name a time you have used good customer service? Can you name a time you have worked at pace? Can you name a time you have worked well with a team? Have you ever had to make a decision that would benefit your work? I have a good answer to all of those, but the questions they asked were really askew, complicated versions of those that don't fit everyone's experience. I think they should work on the whole interview process from start to finish as it just doesn't bring out the best in people and they could be missing out on good candidates due to this.

I was also interviewed for one of these positions at Ramsgate this week and received a rejection email. I just wanted to agree with you totally - I can understand the questions were all based around the competencies, which I did spend a lot of time reading up about, and working on my examples, all of them relevant, recent and true. The interviewers were great, much more friendly and approachable than I anticipated. They did ask me to elaborate some questions further, as presumably my answers did not fully meet their expectations. But I agree with you, that my current job is very similar to the one advertised and I know that I would be suitable for this position. I feel that they could have tried to find out more about me and my current job, and the reasons why I was applying, my strengths and weaknesses etc. The interviewers explained that they had to read from a script, but they didn't even explain the role advertised at all - I had to ask at the end for further info, such as what we would be doing on a daily basis, but even then it wasn't fully explained. At least it was good interview experience, but what a very strange set of questions and I agree that they may have missed some good candidates. I wonder how many interviewees prepared scenarios for these type of examples which are exaggerated/embroidered/made up, purely through internet research, therefore they may not be entirely suitable for the role.

Yeah it said i had to be prompted too much, which is bizzare as i had no idea that is what i was being marked on! Totally weird way of trying to find new people.

Describe a time when you have managed a quality service

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you are doing something and the boss asks you to do something else what do you do...... Not quite the competency based questions expected but ho hum....practice helps.

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delivery at pace, managing a quality service, collaborating and partnering, making effective decisions.

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What were my views on foxhunting.

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The interview is based on the same competencies that were in the job description. The panel have a copy of your application and the competency examples you've written. The questions are phrased in relation to criteria of each competency.

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Why do you want the job?

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Give an example of a time when you have collaborated with a partner (with a follow up question of what I learned from this)

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tell us about yourself

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