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What is a Vertical Slice?

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a preview on bigger things to come, what sponsor can expect on how the portal/software build will look

At the final interview, without any opening introduction or the explanation of the interview format, whatsoever, I was literally asked: do you have any questions about the role?

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Describe a scenario where a member of the team has been difficult, and how did you approach this?

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How can you measure how well a team are doing?

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What do you think the biggest risks could be in your job as delivery managers

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Where do you see your career progressing what role would you like too do next?

Give me an example of when you helped a team become high performing.

What do you think would make someone a success in this role?

My favorite question was: name one thing you learned last week. Caught me off guard and gave me an opportunity to examine what I’m doing. Most questions were surrounding agile, stakeholder management and processes surrounding this, all of which were to be expected if one prepared based on the job spec.

A few examples: - How have I helped the businesses successfully embed Agile methodologies, main challenges and how these were overcome - Discussions on experience of various Agile methodologies Scrum, Lean, Kanban. What and why and how I would apply these for different situations. - How I quickly build trust and support high performing teams

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