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J.P. Morgan
Project Manager/Business Analyst - Associate - IB Ops was asked...29 November 2010

Tell me why do you want to work for J P Morgan?

2 Answers

I'm sincerely interested to get opportunity to this company. Hope if I am hired.

I'm Post graduate looking forward for the role which suits me

Digital River

What is your favorite word?

2 Answers

I have a hard time deciding between incongruous and anti-disenfranchisement.


Farmacia San Pablo

Cómo solucionaste un problema con un usuario?

1 Answers

Platiqué acerca de la gestión de usuarios


Describe all my experiences working as a Project Manager and a Business Analyst. Describe a time when you were challenged by a project because some of the project team members did not get along.

1 Answers

I had a meeting with my team and asked each person to explain their feelings regarding the situation and how we could work together to resolve any issues. The goal was to create a positive environment where al team members would work together to develop the best work environment for everyone involved. Less

The Money Source

Questions were pretty generic, though I had the feeling the hiring manager didn't actually read my resume before the interview. The biggest issue red flag was an impromptu spelling test. Hiring manager claimed it was to see if I knew the proper use of contractions and the distinction between whose and who's, teams and team's. I wondered if the "test" presented to all candidates or if she was just looking for an excuse to exclude. Interviewer kept stating that an apostrophe is being used as a contraction.

1 Answers

I replied that it can also be used in a the possessive form and not just for contractions. Less

Cisco Systems

The asked questions pertinent to the job description but really wanted detailed, step-by-step answers for how you solved a problem, would tackle a problem, or how you would approach a problem, based on your past experience.

1 Answers

Focus on being detailed, no step in the process no matter how small, i.e., I applied labels alphabetically to the folders, should be left out. The interviewers asked me to back up and fill in these tiny details. They seemed less focused on success then on the experience. Less


Preguntas sobre el mundo de los negocios y cómo resolverías ciertos problemas.

1 Answers

A través de negocios ejemplos y datos concretos para avanzar hacia los objetivos. Less


I heard your company always work late.

1 Answers

Not really, depend how you handle your time.

iCare Benefits

Basic Questions about your previous learning BA Concepts and scenarios

1 Answers

stick to basics


Como evalúas el potencial de un comercial

1 Answers

Existen métricas pre-determinadas en base a una metodología las cuales tienen un valor de referencia tomándolo para medir si el comercial es bueno o no. Less

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