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puzzle 9 balls, identical in appearance. 8 are of same weight. 1 is heavier. Identify this heavier ball by using a scale twice.

5 Answers

put 9 balls in groups of 3.

Split them into two sets of 4 and 1 individual ball. Place the two sets on each side of the balance. If the sets balance out, then the individual ball is the heavier one. If the sets don't balance, then take the heavier set and split it up into two sets of two and repeat.

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if there are 5 people in a room and each chooses a number from 1 to 10 at random what is the probability that two or more people have the same number

9 Answers

a, b, c are integers. Such that a^2 + 2bc = 1; b^2 + 2ac=2012, find all the possibles values of c^2 + 2ab.

7 Answers

You have 10 mice and 1000 bottles of wine. You also have 24 hours before a party, and one of the bottles has been tainted with a slow acting poison, which takes 24 hours to kill a mouse. In the 24 hours you have remaining, how many bottles can you guarantee safe for human consumption (assume humans and mice react identically)? Assume the lethal dosage is insignificant relative to the size of the bottle.

9 Answers

3) Imagine you are out playing golf with 2 friends. You need to decide randomly, and fairly, the player to go first. You have a fair coin with you, which you can flip. How do you use the coin to decide who goes first, with an emphasis on minimizing the number of flips you need to make?

4 Answers

You have a deck of 52 cards, and you keep taking pairs of cards out of the deck. if a pair of cards are both red, then you win that pair; if a pair of cards are both black, then I win that pair; if a pair of cards has one red and one black, then it's discarded. If, after going through the whole deck, you have more pairs than I do, then you win $1, and if I have more pairs than you do, I win $1. What is the value of this game in the long run?

7 Answers

Given 9 ball with only one differ in weight, how to find out by measuring them only twice?

4 Answers

Nothing difficult. Some people found difficult the questions about how to get along with colleagues and how to create a good relationship or break the ice.

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How would you advise a hedgefund manager with a large portfolio who is about to announce at a conference that a Greek exit from the euro is inevitable?

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A probability question I got: bag with 25 balls: 10 green, 10 blue and 5 red; whenever you take a green ball out, you put it back, but you keep the ball if it is blue or red. Do this till you have three balls out. What is the probability of ending with at least two blue balls. (Hint: the green balls don't matter)

3 Answers
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