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General java programming questions

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Hi, we’re really sorry to hear about the experience you had while interviewing for the Android role. Do you think you could email us at so we can get to the bottom of what might happened here? We have been through our candidate tracker and response emails and we had thought everyone had received feedback. We’re really keen to improve the interview process so you’re feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Design an interface

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Are you into/interested in vintage clothing?

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Technical test retrieve list of movie from their API

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I was asked to give some examples where I have gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to keep a customer happy and exceed their expectations.

How do you think IT providers can adapt to cope with the changes in the market

Tell me about design patterns, what do you think about MVP, MVC, and MVVM?

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What is your favorite programming language?

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what is android

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