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McWane Science Center
Aquarist was asked...27 April 2021

Do you know what euthanasia is?

1 Answers

It where you might have to put a fish down if it is suffering.

Discovery World
Aquarist was asked...26 February 2016

Can I scuba dive and how long.

1 Answers


New England Aquarium

what have you built what animals have you kept what will you do if you don't get this job

1 Answers

fences, houses, walls, aquariums and stands fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, insects Less

Merlin Entertainments

What would you do if you came in and a tank was cloudy?

1 Answers

If you are the first one there you check the life support systems of the tank and you also check water chemistries for it. If other aquarists are there, you check with them to see if anyone has been working on the tank such as scrubbing or stirring the substrate. Less

National Aquarium

No unexpected questions were asked.

1 Answers


Merlin Entertainments

How do you feel about euthanasia?

1 Answers

What's best for the animal should always be kept in mind. You avoid it when you can but there are times when it is necessary due to poor quality of life. Less

Seattle Aquarium
Aquarist was asked...10 December 2018

How would you handle a volunteer making a mistake.

1 Answers

I would go up to them privately, tell them about the mistake and what should have been done instead. Tell them that we have all make mistakes and just give extra attention next time. Less

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Aquarist was asked...15 December 2021

Describe the nitrogen cycle in detail.

Aquarium of the Pacific
Aquarist was asked...28 September 2020

Describe the nitrogen cycle and it's effects on fish in an aquarium setting?

New England Aquarium

Describe a time on the job you had to respond to an unexpected situation

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