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Technical questions, technology evaluation strategy, scenario handling, design from previous project.

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Thanks a lot for posting this feedback. It made me smile, which is clearly more than my colleague did during the interview process! And I agree, a smile is little to ask for, and great to receive - and I bet he will be smiling in the future. I'm pleased to see that you rated the difficulty of the interview as 'average'. In 2014 we conducted over 2,200 interviews for experienced staff (and made 141 offers) - and key to our approach is to find out how much a candidate knows (as opposed to proving what they don't know). Hence we spend time asking questions about what you know - which will make the interview feel an easier experience. Finally, I hope that you will consider Kainos in the future. Brendan (I've just seen a photo of the CTO presenting at a recruitment event last night. Under his name he had the descriptor 'The Unsmiling CTO'. He's not only good at his job, he's got a good sense of humour as well).

I want to hear what kind of questions you want to ask (from the first interview, after 15 minutes including introductions!)

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Why work here and not somewhere else, where you could get more money?

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SCC has a staff retention problem and will want to work hard to understand your reasons for having more than one job in your entire career...

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Questions were Job related so no real problem.

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Give An Example On The White Board

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I was given a real-world situation that had arisen that morning in the interviewer's job regarding an under-performing member of the project-team employed by the customer that the customer had refused to remove from the roster - despite numerous interventions.

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What do you bring for this role

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Technical questions like dependency injection, Recovery point objective, Recovery time objective, High availability, high level design, low level design

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How would you approach ensuring delivery of operational accountability and Operational Delivery for a customer? or * How would you approach Customer Strategic alignment to operational delivery

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