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Business Manager Assistant - BMA was asked...2 October 2020

What makes you stand out from other applicants?

2 Answers

What makes me stand out from everyone else is my attention to detail and my insatiable desire for perfection in everything I do. Less

I have 7 years experience and I would not waste any body time training me because I know how to read plano-grams and the only thing I would need to trained on is how acosta people do things. Less

What was your last annual target & how much you achieved it?

1 Answers

My last target was 70 lacs per annum of which i achieved almost more than 80%. As you know 100% gets little hard as market conditions changed very drastically due to currency demonetization and many calculations changed on part of investors, then there came GST which changed most of the calculations. Less

University of Florida

What would you do in a state of emergency with a full venue?

1 Answers

Listen to the suggestions of law enforcement and university directives foremost. Keep the customers calm and the employees alert. Less

how much you know about gupta Power??

1 Answers

Gupta Power is more than 6 decades old company, they are world leaders in Conductors manufacturing, In cable they are one of the largest manufacturers from india Less

RJ Corp

Can you work under pressure? Do you know anyone in this company? What do you know about the company? How would you shortlist the property? What are the challenges that you face while signing the property? What all cities have you worked?

1 Answers

Yes, I can that's why I have lost all my hair. No I don't (coz if you say yes, they will not hire you) Told them about all their different business ventures. footfall, visibility, location, brands, accessibility Amalgamation PAN India Less


What if you are not selected for sales & transferred into projects.

1 Answers

I'll learn from project execution & utilize those learning in marketing if shifted to marketing. Less

AMs Project Consultants

How many new clients I have acquired during my last experience.

1 Answers

I have acquired 9 new clients during my last assignment which covers all line of business Less

General Mills

Willingness to relocate and ranking of locations to which, if applicable

1 Answers

describe a team project you completed in the past

RNF Technologies

Name 2 autobiographies that you have read.

1 Answers

I actually had no answer as I'm not an avid reader. I admitted that I haven't read any. Was little scared though but I think they liked it as I was honest. Less

Golden Corral

Nothing was difficult, except for the manager telling me that 2 of his employees said, that I had critized him, in saying he did not know how to run a business.

1 Answers

I replied directly and nicely back that that was not true and if I felt that way I surely wouldn't have persisted in getting hired to work with him. Less

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