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How are you able to multi-task? How did you work with your buyer admin? Leadership etc.

Why you and no other candidate? Why do you think you are suitable for this role? Do you know all Groupon's divisions? What would you do to improve customer satisfacction in case you were hired?

Questions based upon the C.V Set Question - 6-7 set questions based upon the individual in certain scenarios as well as picking apart and targeting questions that are based upon text written in C.V -Research required to truly understand the market and what products are market leaders. Questions based upon products in different technology segments.

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How do you organise yourself?

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What are the biggest brands we sell?

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I cant remember because all she did was talk about herself.

We were asked to talk about ourselves, then choose a shoe and sell it to the group. We then worked in groups where we had to rank the four shoes available on whether they were bestsellers. Following that we then gave a presentation about who KG's competitors were, what their style was etc.

Who are Asos's biggest competitors? Both on highstreet and online

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