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What brand would you like to see at Selfridges?

How do you deal with confrontation in the workplace

Make sure you know what the letters Q.V.C stand for - this is always asked in all interviews for any position!

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why ASOS? about your experience and past etc

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Been asked if I was familiar with fashion and clothing.

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Video interview: Why have you considered a career in buying? What is your understanding of the BAA role? (please discuss in detail including what you will be doing on a typical day and who your key contacts will be) Referring to as many sources as you wish where do you look for your fashion inspiration? From these three sources what 3 key pieces would you choose to invest in for next season? Please consider latest trends, colours, shapes and textures etc The salary for this role is £19,000 does this meet your expectations? When are you available to start a new role? Arcadia first interview: What would a BAA typically do on a day to day basis? What factors would you need to consider regarding sourcing? Why arcadia? What about buying interests you? Topshop Final Interview: Talk through your cv with relevant buying experience Why do you want to be a buyer Why do you want to work for Topshop Where do you get your inspiration from Who would you consider Topshop’s main competitors? Who are your favourite designers and why? What would a BAA typically do on a day to day basis? What is the best trend that you have seen Topshop do & why? What are the current issues facing the retail industry? Tell me about a time when you worked on a project? What kind of team player are you?

Describe a time when you managed a deadline and discovered it had changed.

What is your biggest weakness?

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Carry out a SWOT beforehand Why buying? Talk us through your CV? Tell us a time you encountered a difficult situation and how you dealt with it? What trends do you think are important right now? Who do you think you will be reporting to?

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