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Assistant Social Media Editor was asked...23 October 2018

Would you be fine with working some weekends, having to quickly make posts about breaking news?

3 Answers


Yes. It would be an interesting way to be up to date with global current events.

Yes. After all, four decades working college sports weekends and week-nights as well is pretty fair training. And I could fix up my own bad hot dogs. Less

India Syndicate

How good is your language skill

3 Answers


I am currently working *

I currently working in Digicaptions as an editor and i do believe that my english language skills are flawless especially after living abroad for 3 years in 3 different countries Less

McGraw Hill

Your salary would be in the mid $30,000, would that be ok with you?

4 Answers


does this mean 30,500 or 35,000?

"With my education and professional experience, I'm looking more along the lines of..." Less

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Tell me about yourself?

2 Answers

I told them about myself

Thank you for interviewing with us, we are sorry you felt it was a negative experience. However, we were surprised to read that are CEO was rude to you as he is usually a rather polite American! We were also surprised to read that you underwent a phone call interview, as we never give those! Perhaps you are mistaking a phone interview with the recruitment agency with which we advertised? All interviews are done at our office and face-to-face. We hold all interviews in a medium-sized, bright, formal conference room which overlooks a prestigious Mayfair street, and certainly not in any ‘box room.’ We apologise for a lack of sufficient materials – we try to make sure all materials are there and ready to go for all job candidates, and usually they are! This could have been a case of human error. Less

Hachette Book Group

What are the first three things you would do on your first day working here?

2 Answers

If I were the interviewer, I would nitpick that one of the first things you would do is go home. It's a good answer, but you want to just scope out the books. Don't take them home until later when your shift is over. (For this particular position I would be watching closely for the precision of your use of language and this would stick out to me.) Less

Introduce myself to my new coworkers, familiarize myself with the house style, and take home a few titles from the imprint(s) to read. Less

Blizzard Entertainment

Do you play overmatch?

2 Answers

It’s called Overwatch!

I said I could learn but was unfamiliar.


Describe a difficult time in your life and how you overcame it.

1 Answers

This question was actually kinda tough because I didn't want to get too personal with the interviewer. Less


What are some ways you would motivate an Editor to complete a task that was essential to the health of their community?

1 Answers

I would bracket the task back towards the skills they seek to develop in the position; by motivating themselves, it'll make the task seem less obligatory and more constructive. Less


Standard interview questions. Why do you want to work at ProPublica? They were generally interested in my drive and motivation to be part of the organization.

1 Answers

Reference a couple reporting projects and partnerships. A genuine fondness of the organization and understanding of their reporting is essential. Less

Fuse Media

Are you a problem solver

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