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Eagle Home Mortgage
Loan Officer Assistant was asked...18 October 2017

I remember the bulk of the questions dealt with my knowledge of the industry and experience at my prior employer

1 Answers

I just went into honest detail about past experiences and what my skillset included. Less


Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

The best easiest question! Be honest! They’re testing your personality and if your outgoing! And they want to know if you’ll fit it in and how you’d can get along with the people you will be working with! Less

GSF Mortgage

Do you want to advance?

1 Answers


Residential Mortgage Services

How do you handle asking an upset borrower for documentation after the underwriters first review of a file?

1 Answers

I should not have to ask the borrower for any documentation because I have already anticipated the documents required at this point. If I did have to ask the borrower for any documents I would explain that we need to refresh the documents previously provided and explain why we needed each document in layman's terms. I would also listen to what the borrower would have to say and acknowledge that I understand their point of view. I would assure them that we would not be asking for any documentation unless it was necessary. Less

Waterstone Mortgage

Do you love this position ? Why do you like working for the mortgage company?

1 Answers

I love helping people achieve the ability to being a home owner .

Homeside Financial

How did I market myself to Realtors and do you think Homeside can assist in that process.

1 Answers

I mostly rely on forming personal relationships when marketing to realtors. Homesides, technological platform, credibility and in house marketing staff will make my job that much easier. I would now have something tangible that can help realtors sell more homes. Less

Academy Mortgage

When I was interviewed I was asked, "Why do you want to work at Academy Mortgage?"

1 Answers

The way I responded to this question was, "The reason why I want to work at Academy Mortgage is because it gives me an opportunity to learn and grow rather than staying stagnant at a job I already know how to do. Because I am an unmarried 22 year old, this job will give me knowledge that I will be able to use in the future when I am ready to buy a home. It is important to me to gain that knowledge because it is rare to find people my age that know anything about the Mortgage Industry and to me that information is essential." Less

DHI Mortgage

What do you do on a daily basis?

1 Answers

I provided bullet points of what a regular day consists of and I made sure I mentioned key important tasks that I know they want to hear from an interviewee. Less

Banco De Oro

Describe yourself

1 Answers

Highlight your competencies and traits that you have that are compatible with the position that you are applying for. Less

Supreme Lending

Do you have a real estate license?

1 Answers

I did and had to give it up in order to work at their office.

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