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Why do you want to work for SITA UK?

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I had really done my homework on the brand and was aware of a lot of the projects they had ongoing, I think this was a sensible move as it showed I was interested enough to bother! I have a personal interest in sustainability anyway so was able to demonstrate that too. I always try to be myself in interviews so that I come across as a genuine person and I think that is the best advice I could give. After my interview, my boss told me that even though there were people who were technically more qualified than I was, my enthusiasm and attitude landed me the position as skills and qualifications are something I can acquire on an ongoing basis. Plenty of training is available anyway!

Felt like the people interviewing didn't know what to ask

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They didn't ask anything unexpected or very difficult - usual common questions about work, education, experience etc.

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Judgement think of a time you had to make a decision not popular with team how did you deliver news? How did you work through the negative comments or people?

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Tell me about a project that went wrong and could have missed it's deadline, how you set it right, and if you managed to deliver it to the original deadline.

Give an example of when you challenged the status quo at work

What qualities will you bring to the management team?

How many Nestle offices are there in the world?, How many petrol stations are there in the UK?

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