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How would you react if a client mentioned suicidal ideation and asked whether you experience such thoughts?

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If someone asked me have I ever had suicidal thoughts, I would tell them yes I have. I am a very honest person, and although it is advised not to do so, I strongly feel that being open, honest and relatable helps a person to not only understand that those type of thoughts are in fact normal but also that he or she is not alone in feeling such emotions. I would explain that even though the thoughts are normal, they are also destructive to an individual's mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual and finally, physical well being. I know how it is to feel that no one understands how you feel inside. When people self harm, they are simply trying to release the internal pain or see if the external pain feels as bad as the internal pain. Using unconditional love, compassion, understanding and spiritual knowledge, I will work towards healing the individual.

I d say that sometimes death thoughts are normal, and also suicidal ideations could be a symptom or simply thoughts; it depends on how do they fit into the patient’s history; in his her everyday life. I’d replay, and I’d say: no, personally I don’t. I think that it could be an important moment into the terapeutic relation and I’d be honest. He’s speaking of suicidal ideation and it could represent a clear help request that I don’t want to deny or not accept. I would try to go with the patient into the suicidal ideation, and i’d try to help the patient to give it a sense.

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