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Cleaning by Judy
Assistant Team Leader was asked...21 November 2012

There really wasn't a tough question. Have you had cleaning experience, is the biggest requirement.

3 Answers

Your work isn't recognized, unless you aren't the favorite one, or you are doing a really bad job.. Less

2 years cleaning in foreign country

I m chef but I can do everything cleaning etc

Whole Foods Market

How would you deal with a Customer that was very rude to you?

1 Answers

Kill them with kindness

Whole Foods Market

If your were to be fired a year from now, what would it be for?

1 Answers

I don't expect to be fired.

Whole Foods Market

They asked me how I would go about finding a discrepancy with inventory.

1 Answers

They didn't know the meaning of the word "vet or vetting" I have a lot of experience vetting new products for stores. They looked at me like I had two heads. Less

Whole Foods Market

If the Store Leader asked you to wear a pink apron, would you do it?

1 Answers

Sure, if it is required and causes no harm to me or others, why not?

Whole Foods Market

What is margin?

2 Answers

Margin is the percentage of markup based on wholesale prices (COGS) versus retail prices. For bakery department, bread is between 80-98% margin because the COGS is significantly lower than the sale price ($2-$6). What affects whether you make margin or not for the month? If you are over your target shrink %, miscalculations and entering product counts incorrectly during inventory, being over-purchased based on your sales budget, not hitting your sales plan. Look at a monthly margin report with your TL or STL group before the interview. Less

Study the breakdown in StoreOps, and you'll breeze through it.


Tell me something about you.

1 Answers

Just give introduction about me

Big Lots

Why do you think you would be a good fit for this role?

1 Answers

Well, I've been not only DTS Lead but also partially doing the job of the Assistant Manager since she was out for the past 7 months. I work well with the associates in the store, I can train them with anything that we have in the store. I know how to do all the paperwork, and the tasks of the assistant team leader. Less

Cleaning by Judy

As far as most difficult!! Staying away from every one, so you didn't have to be involved in the drama ( but don't think that you weren't still being talked about behind your back).

1 Answers

Its just like being back in High School Girls....


How would you handle a difficult customer?

1 Answers

I would try my best to hear them out and resolve the issue and if I was unable to do so, I'd get the manager to assist me. Less

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