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Ball Corporation
Associate Engineer Line Controls & Automation was asked...8 January 2020

Tell me about your background and experience?

2 Answers

Certified Machinest out of high school. Tool and Die Maker for the last 35 years. CNC Programming School, experience programming EDM Wire machines, mills and lathes. Roll Form set up and maintenance experience Less

Designed and built dies for companies like GE, Sylvania, GM, and Hollie Corp.


Tell me about a time when a coworker or project team member did something wrong and how did you handle it?

1 Answers

This should be easy as long as you weren't the problem. As long as you didn't just let the quality of the project suffer out of spite, they'll be happy with the answer. Think of times where you picked up the slack, set expectations for the other person, or handled it in a way that helped your work improve. Less

Quantum Metric

What were you most proud of in your current career?

1 Answers

Working at a consulting agency, seeing how I had the ability to pick up languages I didn't even know, and solely understanding how things worked based on the patterns of languages I did know. Less


Have you ever worked in an uncomfortable environment?

1 Answers

The company is hurting from a lack of young engineers, so they just want to make sure that people will stick around even if they work out of a dusty trailer, or have to wear heavy protective equipment in the middle of August. If you have worked in a nasty place, great, but if not, you should mention how you don't think it would be a problem. Less


Tell me about a time when you struggled with an assignment. What did you do to get help or make sure that it got done?

1 Answers

They're looking for an answer that shows that you're either resourceful or willing to get help from others. It shouldn't be something like asking someone for the answer after 5 minutes of effort. Asking for advice with a long term project, putting in long hours to solve a complex problem, or coming up with an unexpected solution are better stories. As a general rule, you should use technical examples, something other than the time when you were mowing lawns and couldn't get the lawnmower to start. Less


Tell me about this thing on your resume.

1 Answers

Some of this is just to check that you didn't make things up, but my interviewers seemed curious about the projects that I listed and wanted to know how they turned out. Pretty much any time you mention a class, assignment, or a project, they will follow up by asking what grade you ended up getting, so choose things you're proud of or turned out well despite complications. Less

Calypso Technology

Questions from Unix and shell scripting.

Veeva Systems

How would you test a No. 2 pencil?

Expedia Group

General conversation, cover everything about your experience, i.e. interest, passion, preferred language/method/solution (why?) Experience of your tech stack, which one is the strongest one.


The difficult part for me was just writing the code on the board.

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