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describe your previous role

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Really, I worked for SS Construçôes (Moz), Lda for 13 years, in duties and skill performance as the keys to improve any responsibility, due in my trade work experience I’ve done cost Control, the efficiency information to assist accountant department. However, Purchase requisition, Order, MR (Material Received) process system, filing, reconciliation, report information, in and out correspondence, commercial letters, Document Controller, Comply with Government reporting requirements, Portuguese and English assistance; Unfortunately, Unemployed at the moment, lost job by the economic crease.

Give an example of working with a challenging employee and how did you deal with the situation?

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Most technique questions, focusing one technology, which i am quite confident.

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Some mechanistic questions on Heck reaction, bromonium ions. Furthermore, retrosynthesis, synthesis of heterocycles and enantioselective synthesis.

Do you think these cellular infiltrates in the choroid plexus and liver represent inflammation or extramedullary haemopoiesis? What are their significance?

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