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State of California
Attorney III was asked...22 March 2021

How many ways can you suck up to your boss?

1 Answers

As many was as I could think of.

California Secretary of State

All questions required me to tell about a situation where I have done something that is similar to what I would be doing in the position for which I interviewed. Communicating a legal opinion that would be difficult for the client to hear was one that was particularly important.

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I have had to deliver difficult news to people in previous jobs, so I had several examples. It is important to give people an unpopular opinion without beating around the bush. I make sure I communicate that I am going to give them my advice and my risk assessment. It will be their decision about what to ultimately do, and I can help them assess the choices. I ask that they listen with the knowledge that they can ask all the questions they want and that I am not dictating their actions to them. This makes it easier for the person to hear what I am advising with less reactivity and defensiveness. The reality is that usually my clients do end up doing what I advise, and I have to keep that in mind as I craft how I deliver my advice. I cannot abdicate responsibility just because my role is adviser rather than decider. Less

Mattos Filho

Qual foi o maior desafio enfrentado na profissão

1 Answers

Citei um episódio de mudança na vida do cliente

Siqueira Castro - Advogados

Se eu tinha experiência na área

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Disse que sim, mas pensei : se a vaga é para recém formados não há o que se perguntar e cobrar experiência (sim, foi cobrada experiência). Less

Machado Meyer

Perguntas sobre o histórico apresentado.

Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office

Why do you want to work here? Tell us about your prior legal experience?

State of California

Describe your work history and provide examples of where you found success, failure

California Department of Water Resources

How would you handle a specific relevant issue?

CA Department of Business Oversight
Attorney III was asked...24 September 2015

on a case you worked where achieving results were difficult, what did you do to get results, and what was the case name.

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