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Lead Audio Video Technician was asked...12 March 2016

Can you build racks?

3 Answers

Very well, I have pictures to prove it.

I'm certain the erecting of racks proprietary or not are backed with a proven system and process. Or if in fact rack construction that may be floored or need an adjustment has now been identified and I could work to identify and resolve any deficiencythat will manipulate the current process or processes to prove productive and your ultimate goal being sustainable Less

All the racks proprietary to our firm whereas the manipulation of the processes would be beneficial for a team brainstorm identifying all possibilities Less

Valiant Integrated Services

If i was willing to travel over 50%

2 Answers



Why had I decided to move from Scotland to Greece

1 Answers

I replied by saying that the opportunity given at the National Theater of Northern Greece was really good. Less

The Cosmopolitan

Tell us one secret about you that no one else knows?

1 Answers

Love 80’s synth music.


If I was willing to be trained as an I.T technician, If I was willing to travel, and can I work overtime, and weekends.

1 Answers

Yes to all.

Case Western Reserve University

Asked many questions about technical abilities.

1 Answers

Informed with examples.

The Whitlock Co

Q: Are you familiar with VTC units?

1 Answers

Yes. I have worked with Crestron, Polycom, and Tandberg units at every location with past employers. Less

Summit Systems

Typical interview questions

1 Answers

I'm a great fit for the job

Life West Chiropractic College

How well I provided customer service requests? How well did I get along with fellow co-workers.

1 Answers

That I was kind and approachable willing to answer questions.


The overall experience of this interview

1 Answers

Very pleasant.

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