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Strength-based... How would you explain what RSM does? Why external over Internal Audit? Strengths/weaknesses? Last new skill you learned? How could you take this further? How do you deal with conflict?

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Basically all of the questions I answered honestly, and just spoke to the partner formally but also relaxed and tried to make it more of a conversation. Always give real examples to back up what you are saying, and expand the point. My advice is to write a list of 25-50 strength-based questions and practice them in the mirror answering honestly, and try and bring back to your job role but don't write them all out just have an idea of what you'd say and what examples to use to refresh your memory of working in teams or whatever it may be. E.g my main strengths are... I am very personable, I find it easy to talk to people and believe I am easy to talk to. I am also highly analytical and good at digesting data, I studied 2 years of stats and always had great feedback from tutors. This is why I looked into roles in Audit as it plays to my strengths of being both an analytical and consulting based role. Don't write out lengthy answers and try to force them in as they will purposely ask them slightly differently so it's hard to do if rehearsed, and it will be obviously scripted. Also, remember to talk slower and clearer than normal and look at the camera, not yourself on the screen as it's all virtual at the moment. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations on the offer. Could you please share more insights about the report and the presentations?

What were some of the strength based questions

Explain a situation where you took ownership.

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Why BDO?

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What motivates you? How do you define success? Plus some competency-based questions

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Why Smith and Williamsons ?

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No technical questions, all about you as a person and your interests and your career prospects.

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What is the most risky area in audit for Avon considering the industry?

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Where would you stop on the corporate ladder?

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How much do you know about the scheme you are applying for?

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asking about difficult client

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