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Customer service advisor Interview Questions in Austin, TX


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You are in a situation in which you are having a bad day and dealing with terrible customers and your shift is barely starting. How do you deal with it.

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Take a few moments in between calls to breathe and relax. Maybe even take a 5 min break to clear your head and think positive.

Best thing to do in such a case is to think about happy thoughts. I think about my kids, my dog, walking on a sandy beach with the waves gently swimming by my feet. You have to live the negative thoughts at the door or if you have a negative call just let is slide off of you. People don't call customer support because they are happy, something almost always has gone wrong. At times they will just be very angry and don't deal with that pressure well. Plus some like to attack low level employees because they can and at times because they hope to get someone higher in the food chain.

What is RAM

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"What would you do if we didn't decide to hire you on at EA?"

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Very little technical questions, probably because they do not know themselves.

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What was a instance where you were given praise by your boss/supervisor?

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Why are you interested in working for Apple?

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Role Playing. My daughter doesn't know how to swim and she fell in the pool. I jumped in to save her with my phone. I need help my phone doesn't turn on.

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how I handled certain difficult situations in the past

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What does your day (in this position, at this job) look like?

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What was a time where you worked with a manager or mentor figure to help develop yourself?

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