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Senior consultant Interview Questions in Austin, TX


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Interview was really easy when I had it... nothing unexpected or unknown.

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is it good to join Sparta US?

If you have another option... better consider that other option with care.

All questions were focused on professional experience and processes. Nothing ridiculous like: "A penguin walks into the room with a sombrero on his head...what does he say?" (Which...I was actually asked during an interview process prior to accepting this role)

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What motivates you?

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Why EY?

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Tell us about a time you had a conflict at work. How did you deal with that conflict?

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You know we have the same title right?

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Have you ever created new content from real life experiences and shared it with a peer in business as "best advice"?

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How important do you feel it is to have all the answers?

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Question are role cased and pointed not just to skills but also problem solving skills and over attitude.

Give an example of a positive and negative attribute of each of your previous employers.