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The celebrity problem

1 Answer

What is SOLID concept? what is main benefit about dependancy injection?

How do you work best? What do you need to thrive here?

Given a Person Class (the instance of the Person Class can be single person or a team, if it is team, then a team member will be defined as well). Then the question is that: Given a people ( a group of persons and teams, each one is the instance of the Person Class), find out all the members (direct, in direct) and and all the teams (direct or indirect) of a particular person in that group

Implement a web crawler, preferably in Golang. Bonus points for a fast implementation and testing coverage.

design a leaderboard

1 Answer

All questions were about my technical experience, approach and personality fit with the team and culture

Prefer not to give their questions away, but they were practical and not weird hypotheticals with weird tricks.

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