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Backend engineer Interview Questions


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How does some technical stuff work

3 Answers

It's a long and complex chat. But it was really fun.

How long did it take them to send the final rejection email?

What technical stuff in particular?

How does python compile?

1 Answer

The interview question was to display select stores using a python web framework, use an external dependency for geolocation, and filter stores within a given radius, while sorting them from north to south.

1 Answer

What’s the difference between java and JavaScript

2 Answers

What's clean code

1 Answer

Differences between multithreading,multiprocessing and concurrency.

1 Answer

REST API transactions implementation

1 Answer

Hackerrank test had 4 coding tasks and 6 multiple choice java puzzler style questions

1 Answer

Why pick a startup and not a big company like Google?

1 Answer

How do you think a mutex would be implemented internally?

1 Answer
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