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how can you increase the sales of starbucks?

4 Answers

to give the best customer service

Offer other products

As well as coffee

are you looking for part-time or full-time work?

2 Answers

if you were an object what object would you be and why

2 Answers

Are you good at taking praise from others?

2 Answers

"Have you ever worked in a cafe or restaurant?" "How are you with people?" "Have you ever worked a till?"

1 Answer

I can't remember any of the questions but I don't remember struggling to answer any so I would expect they're standard types of questions such as; What experience have you had when dealing with customers?

1 Answer

Why Black sheep coffee?

1 Answer

They asked about my experience.

1 Answer

What is good customer service?

1 Answer

When can you work?

1 Answer
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