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Need help

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I've recently had the same request for a digital interview, how did yours go? Any helpful tips?

Hi, there were five questions ( How does my personal style and values reflect the imagine and culture of bb! What qualities I have that make me the best candidate, process you follow to identify a clients individual needs, how I have turned a good customer service into a great customer service. & last question was about my availability.) I hope this helps & I passed mine I have a face to face interview soon :)

Hi! I've just had a digital interview and wondered how long it took for them to get back to say you'd been successful? X

What is the Liz Earle precious recipe?

2 Answers

If a friend was to describe you what would they say

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what's so special about no7 ?

2 Answers

1) why do you want to work for Benefit? 2) tell me something about you? 3) previous experience 4) one situation that you have been in at work or in general that was a challenge? How did you cope with it? And how could you apply this to working for us? 5) you will know if they like you because they will ask for your availability and they will be very smiley.

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Whats your favorite Benefit product?

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What can you bring to the company? What do you know about the brands history and origin? What are your strengths/weaknesses

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Do you know of the No7 products or is it a new brand to you?

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What do you know about No7 products

1 Answer

No7 product are clinically proven to work and it’s skin care range are no1 in the uk

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