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How do you think you would handle difficult situations and describe a scenario where you’ve dealt with one.

5 Answers

I spoke about my time working at a hospital and difficult situations and how I dealt with it professionally.

In difficult situation wait for patients and creat a plan how to desire problem and it solution according to their order

In difficult situation always I nead my team support or other wise in my porting life get its solution Un fortunately my life is get different types of critical problem ,so I can't fear any critical situatin

You go into a patient's room and they are lying face down on the floor. You think they may have self harmed. What would you do?

1 Answer

How would you feel dealing with challenging behaviours?

1 Answer

Name a situation where you had to solve a problem, explain what happened how you solved it and the end result.

What do our ICARE values and can you give examples where you displayed these characteristics.

Give an example where you have demonstrated the skill of improving yourself through learning. It could be learning in education at the workplace etc.