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Interview questions in Birmingham, England

PwC Interviews in Birmingham /  HQ: New York, NY

41 Interviews in Birmingham (of 6,700)

3.1 Average

Deutsche Bank Interviews in Birmingham /  HQ: Frankfurt am Main, GM

24 Interviews in Birmingham (of 1,329)

3.0 Average

J Sainsbury Interviews in Birmingham /  HQ: London, UK

21 Interviews in Birmingham (of 821)

2.2 Easy

Interview Questions in Birmingham

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How did you help improve sales at your previous job?

1 Answer

As I worked at Schuh, over the Christmas period I succeeded in making the shop floor look presentable and was good at creating displays, I felt as though this contributed sales as a well organised, attractive store attracts customers:) because I know I wouldn't go into a messy and unorganised store.

Sell this product to me

1 Answer

What would I do if a customer complained that the plain chicken was too spicy for their child?

1 Answer

Why Starbucks?

1 Answer

Unexpected question: What can you offer a customer if they do not have fresh buttersquash in stock.? The customer wants to use it in a lasagne sauce.

1 Answer

Have you got any holiday booked

1 Answer

Sell this product to me.

1 Answer

What applicable skills do you have for the role?

1 Answer

Why DB?

1 Answer

What do you know about DB?

1 Answer
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