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Interview questions in Birmingham, England

PwC Interviews in Birmingham /  HQ: New York, NY

47 Interviews in Birmingham (of 6,984)

3.1 Average

Deutsche Bank Interviews in Birmingham /  HQ: Frankfurt am Main, GM

24 Interviews in Birmingham (of 1,394)

3.0 Average

J Sainsbury Interviews in Birmingham /  HQ: London, UK

22 Interviews in Birmingham (of 879)

2.2 Easy

Interview Questions in Birmingham

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Interviewer ask me to solve some permutation related problems. 1) Algorithm to get Index of a permutation when all permutations arranged in lexicographical order and its complexity

9 Answers

This is equivalent to searching in sorted array (which means that the word 'permutation' is here just to mislead you), that is, binary search. Complexity is O(log n) By the way, linear scan in an array of all permutations of n-character string is O(n!)

you're a little off here. Using your definition of n, there are n! strings in the sorted array. Finding a particular one using binary search takes O(log n!) time.

The permutations in lexigraphic order look like this 012345 ... ( 5!-1 more permutations that start with 0 ) 102345 ... ( 5!-1 more permutations that start with 1 ) 201345 ... ( 5!-1 more permutations that start with 2 ) So if the permutation starts with a 2 its position is 2 * 5! + (offset within the list that starts with a 2) I think this is a start of an efficient recursive method for determining the position, but in the recursion you have to translate the remaining digits properly...

can you talk about you?

1 Answer

What have you done in finance?

1 Answer

Why you want this job? If we are not hiring you then what you will do?

2 Answers

What would your ideal job be

1 Answer

Why shouldn't I hire you?

1 Answer

Tell me about your past experience

1 Answer

Tell us about a time you showed judgement

1 Answer

If you were driving to a repair call-out whilst eating your lunch and got a huge messy stain on your shirt, what would you do?

1 Answer

With a dictionary of words provided in the form of a list, and given 7 random letters, write pseudocode to determine which words can be made from the dictionary (list of words) from the letters given. a.k.a. the game of Scrabble.

1 Answer
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