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Good Culture
Brand Ambassador was asked...19 August 2018

What is your availability?

4 Answers

I’m available anytime next week.

From 8am to 5pm. Or optional

Can we do phone interviews

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Double Impact Marketing

What are you looking for in a job? High pay? Fun environment? Challenging work?

3 Answers


I like challenging and I was work sales in my country it was very interesting work. Less

Direct sales is face to face and indicate sales is does not directly contact the customer Less

Why do you want to be a Brand Ambassador? What Experience do you have?

2 Answers

Hello and good day! My name is KC Onofre and I am 18 years old from Capas, Tarlac. I strongly believe that being an ambassador can boost your confidence and enhances your brand and creates better opportunities.Brand ambassador by definition is a person who is likely hired by a company to represent a brand in a positive light and awareness.To answer your question, I wanted to be one of your brand ambassadors not only to help you support your company but also I deeply wanted to be apart of your team. I am patient, determined, and loyal being. I have experienced of being an ambassador to some companies such as (Squadwolf and Diana). I am also a video creator on YouTube and loves to share companies on my social media especially Instagram (kc_onofre9, 1k fllwrs) Being an ambassador is my passion. However, my main goal is to support companies that has potentials. I can see that in your company which is why it gave me a motivation to apply here to become your ambassador. That is all, Thank you. Less

Because I love connecting with people and promoting brands I love. Talked about my experience in customer service. Less

Abercrombie & Fitch

How would you describe your style and what are you influenced by?

2 Answers

My style is comfortable a little bit tomboyish. I really like the boyfriend jeans and loose t-shirts but I also like to dress up sometimes. My brother influenced me the most style wise. I would say I have a mix of styles. Less

My daily style is relaxed, cozy, and simple. I do however get all dolled up here and there but you’ll usually catch me on the simple side. And I’m influenced by my determination to make it in this world I gotta make sure me and my daughter eat. Less


How many languages do you know

2 Answers

english french and spanish

English, franch ans spanish

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Have you ever served beer before?

2 Answers

Yes, I have years of bar and reteraunt experience.

No but i have experience serving & waiting food & table's.


Do you know what Kombucha is?

2 Answers



Canada Goose

what do you do in your spare time?

2 Answers

spend time with my kids

I have learned many things like clothing industry n learned my kids also n listen music to feel free for my mind Less

GMR Marketing

Do you fell comfortable speaking with strangers?

2 Answers

Yes, I enjoy the opportunity to network.

I can speak to homeless people and actually take them to get them something to eat .I walk thru store and having conversation to all kinds of people .I talk about the produce the meat the pool the barbecue and eventually take their numbers .But at the end of each day I go and look for the homeless man so I can feed him .This is who I am Less

Oasis Communications

What is my idea of success

2 Answers

Success is something you always strive for, but never really get to. Having your bills paid and a quality family life is the foundation of success. If you have that, you can focus on your goals and the company's goals with energy and enthusiasm. Less

I was caught off guard because I realised I have a less developed idea of what success means to me exactly. This has actually been a main area of focus since I started here and I've been able to accomplish many of my goals on time because I was taught how to properly plan for success. Less

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