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Are you a member of any pressure group ?

1 Answer


Tell me a time when you showers leadership. Show me a time when you overcome a conflict within a team. Show me a time when you had to take a risk and how did you go into this. Show me a time when you had to adapt to a big change in a project.

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How do we know you won't get bored in this role?

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What can you bring to the table that nobody else can

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What is one weakness you have, why this weakness and how do you transform it into a strength

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To present my thoughts on the launch of Scotland's great scenic rail journeys

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She asked me to proof read the booklet or brochure and I've found 32 errors and spelling mistake.

Why do you want to leave your current employer? How would you colleagues describe you? Tell me about a time when something went wrong on your project. What skills do you think are needed for this role?

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