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Fairly straight forward questions. Some were situational (describe a situation failed/created something new etc) and some were linked to Unilever and the specific brand (how would you develop the brand, how would you launch a new product).

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We use conceputal marketing to enhance our brand in the marketing

To modify the quality of product

To increase the productivity on belf of company level

How do we know you won't get bored in this role?

1 Answer

Why did you leave HN? Anything to complaint about?

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Talk us through your experience

1 Answer

What brands interest you and why?

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Give me an example of a time when you led a team.

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Questions built around their required capabilities and values (found on website).

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What are your 3 worst qualities?

1 Answer

Have you ever worked with someone that you didn't like?

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Am I happy with the salary and possible bonus?

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