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Senior software engineer Interview Questions in Bristol


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Could you show us some code you've worked on recently?

1 Answer

Showed some code I was working on in the past year.

What's the difference between transient objects, singleton and scoped?

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Describe the architecture from places previously worked. Used as an impromptu test of your presentation and communication skills, and also as the basis for a wider exploration of your experience of and attitude towards technology.

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Did you write the code by yourself or did you outsource it to someone else?

1 Answer

How would you approach a specific (given) programming scenario.

1 Answer

Phone interview : Java basics , Bash basics. Web services basic. Assessment : Small program where get tested the way people code, if test coverage is good and SOLID principle are followed. Face to face : Core review , more deep questions about technology and person evolution.

Write an algorithm to match brackets in an input if all opening brackets have a matching ending bracket of the same type the input it valid.

Can you provide an example of architecture you worked on in previous roles?

A couple of logic problems, nothing too technical.