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Business Analyst Interview Questions


Business analyst interview questions shared by candidates

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How have you handled clarifying another persons understanding of information you are sharing?

1 Answer

I outlined my techniques for sharing ideas and thoughts, and talked through the steps i would take to ensure another person has understood my description by using my thoughts in a scenario and seeing if the outcome which they arrive to meets my expectations.

Tell us about a time you have lead a team.

What are your Improvement areas per your current manager?

What makes you a good fit for efficio?

Why Prophix What finance experience do you have

If a product is worth x pounds, and the price goes up 15 per year, how much will it be sold for in three years?

1 Answer

Have you ever had to close a difficult sale/go above and beyond for a client?

What do you know about the employee benefits industry in the UK right now?

1 Answer
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