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What are your weaknesses

3 Answers

For example when I am doing any project I will wait or I will not get the interest till the deadline. Obviously I will complete project before deadline but I will complete in stress because I will have lot of Stress at that time. This is my weakness. I will complete work but in less time wasting more time.

My another is weakness is believing all it is worst weakness I can't change it. I can say its my attitude and strength.

I'm a straight forward person and people can't hear the truth about themselves. I cannot follow people blindly, I'll always question if I feel it's not the right way or thing can be improved.

What type of things motivate yourself?

2 Answers

plenty of technical questions but the one that made me think was 'What is strategy in one sentence'

2 Answers

Not a question but the video question where you had to speak into the webcam with no interviewer - therefore unable to read how your response was going down

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What have you done in a new situation where you have to produce something but do not have a lot of ideas on a specific matter and how would you deal with the situation (not the exact question but something in a similar line).

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how many petrol stations are there in the UK?

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Future prospects from an employer values of a company previous experience etc

1 Answer

Personal Experience Questions: Tell me about a time when you experienced conflict between yourself and another member of your team. How did you handle this situation? Tell me about a time when you experienced conflict within a group or organisation when you were trying to acheive a specific goal. What steps did you take to acheive this goal?

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Sell the other candidate for the job

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Knowledge and expertise on subject matter

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