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Business travel consultant Interview Questions


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Give me an example of good customer service

3 Answers

Hi could you please let me know what sort of things they will be asking during the telephone interview ? I have mine tomorrow. thank you

Give good examples of customer service, when have u excelled yourself with customers

Hiya just wondering what the phone interview is like? What are the general questions asked etc? Much appreciated :)

Name 4 countries using the euro

2 Answers

Geography and maths test

2 Answers

Where was the best place you travelled to?

1 Answer

Describe how your current experience fits in with the role of Travel Consultant at Hayes & Jarvis

1 Answer

List 5 things you like the most in the world.

1 Answer

What do you know about the company?

1 Answer

Asked me to sell an inflatable kangaroo!

1 Answer

Test - List 5 countries that use the Euro, what currency do they use in the Czech Republic (one example)

1 Answer

What currency do these people need if they are going to these places? -Cape town -Sydney -America -Prague

1 Answer
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