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Complete a competitive shop on TWC comparing it to two competitors on the XYZ department.

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This is the main presentation, the first time for bed and bath I was told this included duvets, covers, bath accessories etc. The second time for fragrance it was unclear if this was home fragrance or bath and body or both. When I asked for clarification I was denied. I essentially did this through TWC a SWOT. Taking TWC’s weaknesses from things the competition were doing and they weren’t. This obviously makes the opportunities.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

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How your efforts in procurement will improve operating profit of the company?

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Put it this way, they are a few years behind most other LSP's in the UK

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Explain your duties as a buyers admin?

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What attracted me to the job?

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If you were a (blank), discribe what you would be like.

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How are you able to multi-task? How did you work with your buyer admin? Leadership etc.

Was very much based around my past role and how I'd react to different situations to offer more perspective on my experience and how I'd fit into the business.

What areas of conflict have you experienced in your career and how did you handle it?

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