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I completely froze on following question which could be useful in a function that reverses order of words. How would you move a chunk of memory in C++/C?

2 Answers

memmove function Interviewer was really trying to pull this one out of me, but I was just stumped. He was like: "you can copy it, or you can - what?" I had no clue, never heard of it. I think this one finally destroyed my chances.

i guess it can be moved by using pointer? Below is an answer on the stackoverflow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6118432/how-to-reverse-words-one-by-one-in-c-using-pointers-and-arrays

What is a constructor in C++?

1 Answer

Where would you like to be in two years?

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How much would you like to be paid?

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Difference between override and overload? What are the different casting keywords in c++? I declare a class with a virtual function. What special function should be declared virtual? Why? Tell me about const. can non variables be const?

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Twos complement of minus one....I haven't needed that in over 20 years.

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what is architecture code

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Q: What feedback did you receive

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What are some techniques you can use within C++ to improve compile times?

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Which command lists an executable's shared library

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