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Cabin crew full time Interview Questions


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What do you know about Easy Jet?

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Why do you want to work for Easy jet?

when you exceeded customers expectations?

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Who is the CEO?

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Why cabin crew

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Usual questions tell us three things about EasyJet,tell us where you have worked as a team and achieved your goal as a team.

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there were 3 group exercises that i remember. first, they gave us papers, some sort of glue; a tissue and a ruler and asked us to make a skiing ramp, we had to built it with a curve and a break point and use a ping pong ball to check the resistance, the ball also had to sto at the end. 2 exercise was they gave us several ideas to improve the airline, with its pros and cons and with the information given, we would have to answer questions, these were basically asking what was the best idea. the last exercise was each person of the group received a aper with one of the 5 promises of easyjet and we had to explain why that was the most important one.

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