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Staff engineer Interview Questions in Cambridge, England


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Write C code to implement common systems programming tasks. The sort of standard thing that you should be able to do in your sleep. But it's harder to do on-line.

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Wrote some C code to implement the solution, talking as I did it.

how would you reverse a 32 bit integer ?? for eg if the input is 0x76543210 the output has to be 0x01234567

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Can a variable be both const and volatile ?

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To write programs, and execute though basic one.

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1. How would I design distributed test system. 2. C/C++: what is volatile, static function etc. 3. Embedded programming: MCU architecture, interrupts etc.

Programming puzzle: find the number of ones in the input string using logical XOR

clarifications on work experience and current roles

How did you handle noise issue for timing which is more critical in advanced nodes?

The memory structure, how a program is executed, machine code generation and optimization, caching, assembly language coding, different techniques for executing machine code, compiler back-ends, and memoization