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Grocery Checker was asked...8 March 2018

do you enjoy meeting new people?

3 Answers

Yes, i do

Yes I do


The Cheesecake Factory

What you learn from your experience?

2 Answers

I learn not to judge others because "We are what we eat".

I learned to be more patient and understanding


Describe a time you helped a customer

2 Answers

Despite no customer service experience, some people will ask me for directions in store after mistaking me for an employee, and I'm happy to help walk them there. Less

Knowledge of the product always helps, but finding what the customer came in for with them seems to go a long way with people, although time consuming at times Less

Coca-Cola Consolidated
Checker was asked...24 September 2022

Have you worked with difficult people

2 Answers

Any person that has had a job has worked with a difficult people at one point or another. Less

Yes, I believe everyone does.


What other items would you recommend to a customer buying a birthday cake?

2 Answers

Candles with lighter and a knife (and server). Forgot to mention cards and to ask if they needed plates or utensils (since I don't buy those). Less

Candles, plastic ware, other utensils, balloons, napkins


Describe a time you dealt with a difficult customer/person

2 Answers

I didn't remember any direct confrontations I've had, but I described a situation where a time member kept putting off the work and emphasized that I when I brought it up to him, I focused on making him feel like we were on the same side. Instead of getting irritated, I empathized with his busy schedule but that I appreciated the insight I knew he could contribute. Less

Remained poised and tried to empathize in a reasonable manner, promoted one mind and a common cause Less

Work Background Check

1 Answers

just make sure your past employer will be also included to your answer.

Nugget Market

Where did I see myself in 2 years.

1 Answers

Wherever opportunity and my skill set took me.


What's you favorite soft drink or candy? Sell it to me as if I was a customer in line.

1 Answers

This weather huh?! It's really hot out today, but you know what we have this AWESOME deal going on when buying two dr peppers you get them both for $5! If you'd like I could add it to your purchase and that way you could have something refreshing to drink when you get home. Less


You are checking customers out at the speedy checkout line. Someone stands in line and has around 30 items. The people behind them are grumbling and rolling their eyes, how do you handle this situation?

1 Answers

You handle it by being Generous and kind & still be respectful

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