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Catering Assistant was asked...8 July 2015

Have you ever worked for Aramark before?

4 Answers

Yes, i worked part time as a waitress for two years.

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How have you handled conflict in your past positions

3 Answers

I'm peacekeeper and I believe that conflict can happen and the best way to handle conflict is to listen someone who is complaining. Less

Do you like beets? (It was a weird question but they asked me for whatever reason) Less

Ive never been in a position that led me to a conflict but im a peacekeeper, one person who apologises no matter who was wrong Less


How do you handle working on a team?

2 Answers

No problem

I would work well as a team

John Lewis & Partners

give an example in school or work where you have overcome a difficult situation and what was that situation?

2 Answers

Overcame both physical mental difficulties in order to gain good A'Levels to get into a good university to study Mathematics. Less

One time when I was working in a café, hot water splashed outside the cup and onto my hand. After the initial shock and pain, I told a colleague to take over while I rinsed my hand under cold water immediately. Thankfully, my hand was not injured. I spoke to my manager about the issue and I explained how the incident had occurred. We spoke about how the incident could be prevented in the future and we concluded that I should hold the cup closer to the hot water tap and fill the cup slowly to prevent that from happening again. Less

John Lewis & Partners

Why do you apply for John Lewis?

2 Answers



Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts

describe a time where you had to handle a conflict with a guest/client

2 Answers

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At my previous job I would have to handle client/customer issues daily. Empathizing and apologizing to the customer for any inconvenience they may have experienced tend to calm them down. By providing additional solutions to their problem Help as well. Less

National Trust

Motivations for working there

1 Answers

What did I know about the Trust

Anglia Ruskin University

How do you see yourself in five years time?

1 Answers

Traditional interview. Very easy. Not tricky questions.


What do you know about GLL?

1 Answers

Do some research on their website and look at their history and morals.

Patisserie Valerie

What attracted you to this role?

1 Answers

I need a job for the money but also to gain skills in any workplace environment and initiative active communication skills for personal development Less

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