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Depends on section of company to which you have applied. Good knowledge of Zeolites helped for the Getters department.

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Search around zeolites.

Name 3 companies NNL works with.

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Why ARUP? What would working in ARUP do for you? What would be the biggest challenge to to working in ARUP?

How would you resolve conflict in a team scenario?

Really in depth question about one project I mentioined in my personal statement (what did you do, the science behind it...)

Sketch linear, parabolic, sin, cos functions on a whiteboard

Technical Interview was given a process flow diagram and asked questions about pressures, temperatures, valves. Management Interview, a ten minute pre-prepared presentation then generic questions

What do you think are the most important strategic issues facing INEOS over the next five years and why? Please list a maximum of three issues.

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Why Exxon Mobil? Give an example of when you had to give somebody feedback? What is the greatest challenge you have had to face? Give an example of a time in a project when you had a change in direction?

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