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Fullerton Financial Holdings
Accountant - Corporate Office was asked...2 August 2013

What you will avoid from yourself while after joining this company. As what is drawbacks in you honestly which you will look to improve post joining here.

1 Answers

I am normally trust peoples quite easily. but i will give time myself while dealing with any official activities with the peoples and not to trust anybody at first instance. Less

BNP Paribas Securities Services

Competência de Excel e falar em inglês

1 Answers

Disse médio e falei em inglês


What do you require to do this role?

1 Answers

I listed generic requirements for me to work. But without being told what the general projects will be, and getting a good concept of the workload that would be coming my way, I could not project the staff requirement for the position. Less


A lot of questions to see if I understand how they operate, work. I suggest looking them up, read the latest blog posts and be prepared. If so, you will do just fine

1 Answers

Checked blog posts/social media beforehand

LiveMore Capital

How would you reorganise the CEO diary?

1 Answers

Colour coding and categorisation, reducing timescale of internal meeting

One Acre Fund

What is the first thing that I do when I wake up

1 Answers

Normally, I do two things when I wake up I pray and check my phone.

Robert Half

Asked why leaving current job.

1 Answers

Needed an employer that treated employees like humans.


Ask me to take this test and that they would be back in contact with me. No other questions were asked. However, I have not heard back from them.

1 Answers

Answered everything they asked me to do and honestly. Did not deviate from what they asked. They told me that they would contact me after reviewing the test. However, although testing tells a person if they can Add, know the English language, etc - it is still not a proper tool in knowing what the person is capable of without talking to them. Less


are you used to working directly with the CEO and top management? how do you work with top management?

1 Answers

I am used to working with CEOs and top management, in accordance with my previous experience as a portfolio analyst in the risk management division and in the division where I work now corporate planning where one of my tasks is to develop a bank business plan, create an annual report and create a company budget. Less

Harris Teeter

what times are you available to work?

1 Answers

typical office hours, and occasional Saturdays.

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