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Christmas Customer Assistant was asked...11 December 2014

what would you do if a customer asked you for a certain shampoo, which was currently not in stock?

2 Answers

Suggest alternatives for them, which had similar prices and similar effects.

Explain product not in store, suggest similar product & benefits


Which features of the 'Treat Me' reward card would you highlight to different groups of people

2 Answers

15% off for customers...anyone can use this as it can be used online or in store £5 birthday treat - aim at those who say no to the card and those with children as they can set it as there’s child’s birthday £5 off when you spend £50 ...VIP customers Less

Online features for rushed mums and students. In store discounts to older people


Why do you want to work at Debenhams?

2 Answers

Tell us about yourself.

I used to support Debenhams in one of my previous roles in foodservice. Always got on well with my counterparts and really hope when my CV gets in front of their HR, they pick up on the sixteen years I had supporting their procurement department. Less

Pandora Jewelry

Can you sell me an item and why?

1 Answers

I answered by describing the good qualities of the item and why it would be relevant for one ti wear it. Less

Claire's Stores

Are you comfortable with the idea of piercing someone, including a 4 month old baby?

1 Answers

Yes, I’m willing to learn and understand some parents choose to pierce their child while there still a baby for all different reason personal to them and it’s not my place to pass judgement or make them feel uncomfortable. Less


My most memorable question asked was for me and my group (we were split into smaller groups) to describe a perfume that had been spray onto a strip of paper. we could describe it in a play, a song or anything of that calliber.

1 Answers

As I recall we did a play of 'lust' perfume.... it was in a play form and we performed a piece of 2 girls running in a flower field sniffing the flowers on a sunny day. Less

The Body Shop

We were all given a body shop product and an info sheet to read.

1 Answers

We all had to "sell" our product to the group.


- Describe a time you helped someone in a difficult situation - Describe time you had to work in a team to achieve something - How would you know the difference between a confident shopper and a not so confident shopper? - Describe what you understand/think good customer service is - What is your availability? - What is a product here that you can't live without? And how would you sell it?

1 Answers

Pointers: - The "helping someone in a difficult situation" does not have to relate to retail at all, you can mention things about family, friends, any relevant aspect of life - If you want the job quite desperately make sure your availability is flexible - Make sure you have relevant knowledge on at least one product While the interviewer is asking the questions, have a vague idea in mind of what you are about to say. No good turning up to the interview with a blank face on. Know a few facts (not too much) about the company and bs prepared to go on the shop floor to be observed. Keep confident - but not too overconfident. Less


My experience -

1 Answers

I applied online for another branch and didn't get to the interview stage for that. I then applied online and didn't have to do another online assessment as I had previously done the one before. I received an email saying that they wanted to see me for an interview. In the email it wasn't clear whether it was a group or 1:1 interview but I got to the store and waited about 5 minutes, and found that it was a 1:1 interview. The interviewer explained to me the process of the interview as I mentioned previously. I was then asked the set of questions (I mentioned some but I cannot remember all), about 18 in total. The scenario questions didn't take me for surprise as I had previously been asked similar ones in other interviews. The trickiest part was going on the shop floor as I was told about a certain product for about 3 minutes and had to sell that to on goers. After this I was directed back inside the interview room to take my bags and I left after doing so. all in alll, the interview experience was successful and very relaxed also. Less


Describe a time when you've had to work in a difficult situation, what did you do? What was the outcome? Was it a positive outcome?

1 Answers

I described a time when I was in a previous job and had to serve a deaf and dumb customer who was wanting a round of drinks for his family. I was very patient with him and watched his hand movements to get the jist of what he was saying and what he wanted without making him feel uncomfortable. The outcome was positive yes as the gentleman then felt comfortable throughout the rest of the evening, he always came to me to order his drinks as he knew I knew what he wanted and that I was patient with him. In the end he left me a nice tip which is also a plus! Less

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