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Analyst Interview Questions in City of London, England


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derive the formula for the variance of OLS from scratch

4 Answers


I think you meant: sigma^2*(x'x)^-1

Both of these are wrong. Beta_hat = (X'X)^(-1)(X'Y)

How would you advise a hedgefund manager with a large portfolio who is about to announce at a conference that a Greek exit from the euro is inevitable?

4 Answers

What is liquidity?

1 Answer

What do Willis do?

1 Answer

Who are Accenture's main competitors?

1 Answer

Why Debenhams?

1 Answer

Why do you choose Goldman Sachs

2 Answers

What are your goals? What have you done so far to achieve your goal ( real life example) ? What do you plan to do in future to achieve the same goal ?

1 Answer

When have you worked in a bad team and what steps did you take to make it better?

1 Answer

Are you a Business Analyst or a Project Manager or both?

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