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Why are you interested in Network Rail and the graduate scheme?

9 Answers

I went to an AC on the 20th of Jan, but they still never got back to me. When did you do yours and when did they get back to you?

3rd of Feb, apparently they are very busy with running the AC at the moment so there will be a delay.

I also went to an AC on the 20th Jan but have not heard back. You didn't mention on your post if you have heard back from your AC on the 3rd Feb, have you or not? thanks

Give us an example of a situation where you had to consider health and safety in your work? What have you done to make sure that H&S is well considered in that situation.

4 Answers

What do you already know about Mott MacDonald?

3 Answers

Interview divided in different parts: 1) writing about one topic who you can choose from a list 2) techincal question mainly to evaluate your reasoning sskills and basic technical question

3 Answers

General questions about relevant experince.

2 Answers

Why do you want to work for network rail?

2 Answers

Tell me your experience to build a professional relationship.

2 Answers

4 competency questions and 2 technicals very basic

3 Answers

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Name a time when you used an original/innovative idea to solve a problem.

2 Answers

I believe the most important bit in the whole interview was when they asked to talk about my self .

1 Answer
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