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-How would you describe John Sisk to your parents?

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(Technical question) You are designing a five storey building that must support a heavy water tank on its top level. What would you need to consider in your design and construction plan with regards to the water tank?

Typical CV and Projects related questions (focus on teamworking). And this specific question 'Have you ever faced a time where you had to go against your principles?'

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Technical design question, plus presentation on selected topic and other "describe a time..." questions

Why do you want to be a civil engineer? Tell us about a time that you had to solve a problem. Tell us about a time you had to work as a team. Tell us about a time that you had to meet difficult deadlines. What does safety in construction mean to you? As a designer how can you increase the sustainability of a project? What are some key considerations and checks that you would make when designing a steel beam? Bending moment diagram in a frame.

4 competency questions and 2 technicals very basic

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Presentation - Why should Carillion invest in you? Interview - Based upon competencies, similar approach to presentation.

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